Parallel Sessions

This is the programme of the IIAA’s XV summer congress’ 14 sessions. You can find the presentation abstracts and conference participants’ bios in the IIAA XV Conference Booklet. All times in the programme are in East European Summer Time (Helsinki, EEST, UTC +3).

Monday, June 12


Session 1
Sustainable Aesthetics: Theory and Practice

Chair: Mateusz Salwa

Corinna Casi: Decolonizing Environmental Discourses within Environmental Ethics: The Case of Natural Values

Luana Poliseli: Aesthetic Features in Knowledge Co-Production for Environmental Conservation and Sustainability

CANCELLED: Jean-Claude Léveque & Dario Padovan: Sustainability between Ethics, Politics and Aesthetics

Session 2
Rethinking tradition

Chair: Arto Haapala

Elena Romagnoli: Hermeneutic Situatedness and Landscape Sustainability

Jay Hetrick: Rethinking Sustainability with Félix Guattari


Session 3
Varieties of Sustainability in the Relationship between Art and Nature (Panel)

Chair: Zoltán Somhegyi

Zoltán Somhegyi,
Adrienne Gálosi
Sándor Sajó,
Endre Szécsényi

Session 4
Cultural Ecosystem Services – a Research and Policy Concept for Sustaining the Aesthetic in Nature (Panel)

Chairs: Karoliina Lummaa & Oleksandra Nenko

Karoliina Lummaa,
Oleksandra Nenko,
Polina Golovátina-Mora,
Minna Santaoja

Tuesday, June 13


Session 5
New Insights

Chair: Mateusz Salwa

Alonzo Heino: Loving the Process – Care as a Component of Techne

Stephanie Schuster: Adopting Timefulness: The Transformative Potential of Aesthetic Deep Time Experiences

Session 6
Art & Aesthetics

Chair: Arto Haapala

Laura Fumagalli: Ugliness in Landscapes

Virpi Kaukio: Sustainable use of mires from an aesthetic perspective

CANCELLED: Gesine Schepers: The Beauty of Nature and Ecological Sustainability


Session 7
Body & Presence
(Online Session)

Chair: Noora-Helena Korpelainen

Anna Petersson: Urban Cemeteries and the Aesthetics of Care (ONLINE)

Elettra Villani: Including Scars – Environmental Considerations from Theodor W. Adorno’s Thought (ONLINE)

Victoria Mateos de Manuel: Dance Aesthetics: Sensation and Perception of the Verb to Sustain (ONLINE)

Session 8
Art & Aesthetics

Chair: Virpi Kaukio

Matti Tainio: Fair Nights – Artificial Illumination and Sustainability

Anna Schober: Pablo Albarenga’s Seeds of Resistance: A Relational and Horizontal Aesthetics as a Means to Popularize Environmental Issues

Alma Izhaky: Holy Landscapes, Blasted Landscapes: Two Holy Sites in Palestine/Israel in Contemporary Artworks


Session 9
The Aesthetics of Demolition

Chairs: Iida Kalakoski & Riina Sirén

Panu Savolainen,
Ella Müller,
Johanna Björkman,
Iida Kalakoski & Riina Sirén

Session 10
Re-Thinking “Nature’s Call”: Aesthetic Intra-Actions Between In/Continence, Human-Made Synthetic and Organic Material, and Society (Panel)

Chair: Riku Laakkonen

Riku Laakkonen,
Tiina Vaittinen,
Timo Uotinen,
Anna-Ilona Rajala

Wednesday, June 14


Session 11
Rethinking Tradition

Chair: Mateusz Salwa

Oiva Kuisma: Aesthetic Reconciliation: Some Conceptual and Historical Observations

Noora-Helena Korpelainen: Pragmatist Aesthetics on Experiencing Sustainability

Session 12
Sustainable Aesthetics: Theory and Practice

Chair: Virpi Kaukio

Mao Matsuyama: The Dream of the Artificial Island: A Case Study on Kobe Port Island and the Expo “Portpia ’81”

Vera Vicenzotti & Sofia Sandqvist:
Sustaining Aesthetics in Landscape Architecture


Session 13
Sustainable Aesthetics: Theory and Practice

Chair: Noora-Helena Korpelainen

David Flood: #kalasatama: Discursive Views of the Helsinki Landscape through the Virtual Window

Kirsi Laurén: Sensed and Aestheticized Mire: Moving in a Wet and Submerged Environment

Asmus Trautsch: Aesthetic Considerations for Sustainable Gardens of the Anthropocene

Session 14
Rethinking Tradition

Chair: Arto Haapala

Lorenz Moises J Festin: Rediscovering Kant’s Insight on the Affinity in Beauty of Art and Nature

Saumya Suyal: In Search of an Appropriate Model of Aesthetic Appreciation of Nature: Dealing with the Problem of Dualism

Thomas Nylund: Obstacles to Sustainability-Promoting Aesthetics