Entry to the online conference was free. However, we asked all conference participants to make a small donation to an environmental or sustainable development organization, according to choice. For more information about sustainable development, visit the website for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

The list of “conference fee” recipients

Siemenpuu Foundation,

Finnish Nature Heritage Foundation,

The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation,

Cooperative Noidanlukko,


Protect Our Winters Finland,

Coalition for Rainforest Nations,

Greenpeace & Greenpeace Italia,

Greenpeace Czech Republic campaign called „Každou vteřinu” (”Every second”,

Legal Fund for Indigenous Women (Amazon Watch),

G124 Renzo Piano: un ponte per i bambini,

L’Escola del Bosc de la Garrotxa; ”A non-for-profit organization that focuses on early childhood education within nature, promoting a respectful engagement with the environment.”

International Red Cross,

UNHCR to support medical care for refugees from Syria,

Climate Stewards,

Aidos, Italian Association for Women in Development,

Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services,

Ayuda en Acción,

Artisan’s Asylum (Boston, Massachusetts, USA),

Pracownia na rzecz Wszystkich Istot,


Ocean Conservancy,

iSea NGO,

Center for Coalfield Justice,

Ocean Concervation Trust,

The Danish Society for Nature Conservation,

Polar Bears International,

Geldersch Landschap en Kasteelen,