Congress Room 2

Aesthetics in the Age of Environmental Crises

3-5 June 2021, Online/Lahti, Finland


Sessions 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18

All times in the program are in East European Summer Time (Helsinki, EEST, UTC +3).

The full conference program can be downloaded from here.

Thursday, June 3

11:00–12:00 Session 2, Panel 2: Landscapes in the Age of Environmental Crises

  • Galina Kallio: Aesthetics of (re)production: tracing human-soil relations in Northern landscapes of regenerative agriculture
  • Connell Vaughan: Lessons from the Picturesque, from Gilpin to Instagram
  • Rudi van Etteger: Ruination Rather than Erasure as a Model for the East Coast of the US

13:30–14:30 Session 4

  • Neli Dobreva: Acting Art and Climate Crises Challenging the Environmental Aesthetics
  • Laura Dequal: The Denaturalization of Nature. Hegel, Art, and the Environmental Aesthetics

15:00–16:00 Session 6

  • Alejandro Pedregal and Jaime Vindel: Fossil Aesthetics: Eco-Marxism and Ecological Aesthetics in the Face of the Dispute of Modernity
  • Thomas Heyd: Aesthetics, Climate Change and Prehistoric Art, with the speaker in attendance in the 18:30-19:00 ‘Free Discussion’ slot

Friday, June 4

10:30–12:00 Session 8

  • CANCELLED: Daniela Matysová: Ethical Demand of the Beautiful World
  • Corinna Casi: Decolonizing Environmental Ethics: Rebalancing the Values Distribution of Nature
  • Tereza Špinková: Can We Give Them a Voice?

13:30–14:30 Session 10

  • Marcello Ruta: End of the World versus End of the Month: The Environmental Discourse Between Ethics and Aesthetics
  • Matthew Rowe: Evolutionary Cognitivism in the Aesthetics of Nature

15:00–16:00 Session 12

  • Beata Frydryczak & Mateusz Salwa: The Sublime, Now! The Nature, Pandemic Landscapes and the Crises of the Environment
  • Ghoncheh Azadeh: The Phenomenal Sublime

17:30–18:30 Session 14

  • Aaron M. Ellison & Eric Zeigler: Towards a Non-Anthropocentric Aesthetics of Environmental Balance and Change
  • M. Joseph Aloi II: Nonanthropocentrism in the Anthropocene: Participation in the Epochal Play of Nature

Saturday, June 5

10:30–12:00 Session 16

  • Anna Petersson & Mattias Kärrholm: Environmental Nostalgia and Everyday Aesthetics
  • Paulina Prieto de la Fuente & Sandra Kopljar: The Sustainability Reward–What Does it Take to Undo Climate Ethical Decisions in Everyday Life?
  • Šárka Lojdová: Why is One Blind to the Climate Crisis?

13:30–14:30 Session 18

  • Gioia Laura Iannilli: Environmental Tension in Aesthetics: Crisis, Change, and Sustainability Between an “Aesthetics of the Environment” and an “Environmental Aesthetics”
  • Remei Capdevila-Werning: The Pedra Tosca Park: Landscape Preservation and Intergenerational Aesthetics