Congress Room 1

Aesthetics in the Age of Environmental Crises

3-5 June 2021, Online/Lahti, Finland


Sessions 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17

All times in the program are in East European Summer Time (Helsinki, EEST, UTC +3).

The full conference program can be downloaded from here.

Thursday, June 3

11:00–12:00 Session 1, Panel 1: Aesthetic Experience, Ecological Emotions, and Fiction

  • Panu Pihkala: Environmental Aesthetics and Ecological Emotions
  • Aino-Kaisa Koistinen & Sanna Karkulehto: Ethics, Aesthetics and Imagination – Exploring “Planetary Feeling” in Feminist Theory and Contemporary Finnish Poetry
  • Kaisa Kortekallio: Weird Aesthetic Experiences in Recent Speculative Fiction

13:30–14:30 Session 3

  • Dror Pimentel: Aestheticizing Catastrophe: The Survivalist’s Case
  • Marta Benenti and Lisa Giombini: What if it’s for Real? Fictional Narratives and Climate Change

15:00–16:00 Session 5

  • Virpi Kaukio: Artists for Mires and the Question of Climate Change
  • Marita Isaksson: Environment, AI and Humanities Predation

Friday, June 4

10:30–12:00 Session 7

  • Max van der Heijden: Art in the Anthropocene: Affirmative Re-engagement with Nature through Tragic Art
  • Tiina Prittinen: Symbioses Stories – Buckthorn the Warrior
  • Amrutha MK: Lore and Legends of the Sacred Groves

13:30–14:30 Session 9

  • Laura Fumagalli: Neglected Landscapes: Understanding the Concept of the Landscape to Preserve the Environment
  • María José Alcaraz León: On the Aesthetic Appreciation of Damaged Environments and its Role in Shaping our Aesthetic Sensibility

15:00–16:00 Session 11

  • Yan Li: The Roles of Imagination in the Aesthetic Appreciation of Nature
  • Antonio Ianniello: Sublime, Enactivism and Hyperobjects

17:30–18:30 Session 13

  • Katherine Melcher: Aesthetics at the End of the World: the Arts of Sensing, Noticing, and Enjoying
  • Desiree Foerster: Liminal Experience of Atmospheric Processes

Saturday, June 5

10:30–12:00 Session 15

  • Noora-Helena Korpelainen: Cultivating Aesthetic Sensibility in the Age of Environmental Crises
  • Matti Tainio: Living with Darkness
  • Mădălina Diaconu: Para-aesthetic Practices and Climate Change

13:30–14:30 Session 17

  • Zhen Yang: Aesthetic Experience through Breathing: A Horizon Provided by Chinese Aesthetics
  • Thomas Symeonidis: Re-Mapping Aesthetics Experience: The Experimentations with Trans-Media Narrations as Models for the Re-Orientation of Sensitivity