Art in Process

The performing arts collective


presents their work under the title
Corpus Crisis – A Performance Lecture (work-in-process)

on Thursday, 3 June 2021, at 17:30
(Helsinki, EEST, UTC +3)

Chair: Noora-Helena Korpelainen

The work-in-process lecture was part of the conference program. Ilmastokirkko develops their artistic project in dialogue with conference participants and the research project Environmental Aesthetics in Turmoil within a joint project Sensus Communis that was funded by Lahti – European Green Capital 2021. Supported by Lahti University Campus.

Corpus Crisis – Performance lecture

Performing art collective Ilmastokirkko gives a performance lecture under the title ”Corpus Crisis – the contribution of social movements in corporeal turn 2022–2051.” The lecture takes place in a speculative near future, in 2051. In this lecture, amateur researchers Liva Mete and Nio Q. explain the shift from 2020’s late neoliberal capitalism to 2051 hegemony, corporeal turn. Their main focus is on social movements that have contributed to this paradigm shift.

“Corpus crisis (coined by historian Luna Danielle Ende in 2046) is a methodology, which we can use to recognize systemic changes during history. The term refers to an era where the fundamental elements of the socioeconomic body are shifting from one paradigm to another. According to Ende, the corporeal turn is the latest corpus crisis of human history, the one before being the shift from the economic plurality of the Middle ages to monocultural capitalism.”

Additional Art Work Experience

In addition, Ilmastokirkko’s online art work “Room of Organs – Do It Yourself Performance” was available during the congress week.

Photo: Aleks Talve